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Sell your property, stress-free with CS Legal

Effortlessly sell your property in Perth & greater WA’s market with CS Legal’s expert assistance. We provide seamless and proficient guidance for selling your home or investment property, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process.

Your reliable partner for property sales

Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring seamless property transactions with a focus on clear communication and detailed attention. We navigate the complexities of selling property with ease, offering you peace of mind through every step. You can rely on CS Legal for secure, efficient, and client-centred service in your property selling journey.

The benefits

Benefits of having a lawyer when selling your property

Our skilled lawyers possess comprehensive knowledge of property law, ensuring every detail of your property sale is handled with precision. We specialise in simplifying complex legal procedures into understandable, practical actions, reducing stress and enhancing efficiency throughout the settlement process.

Settlement coordination
Contract drafting
Expert due diligence
Documentation handling
Ownership transfer
Clear communication
Document preparation
Post-sale advice

Why us

The CS Legal advantage

At CS Legal, we offer the unique advantage of combining approachable, high-quality legal advice with cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team excels in property settlement and commercial law, ensuring clarity and value in every interaction. With CS Legal, you experience unparalleled expertise and the assurance of fixed fees – that’s the CS Legal advantage.

Exceptional expertise

With over 20 years experience we are a leading choice for  Property Settlement, Commercial Law, Wills & Probate, and Dispute Resolution.

Client centric

We are renowned for practical legal advice, delivered jargon-free and easy-to-understand to best serve your legal needs.

Extensive experience

Over 130,000 clients have trusted CS Legal with their legal matters, underscoring the firm’s successful track record and extensive experience.

Four locations

Efficiently catering to your legal requirements, we proudly operate across four locations: Perth, Joondalup, Bunbury, and Dunsborough.

Our process

A guide to selling property in Perth & throughout WA

Selling property in Perth and throughout WA is a detailed process. There are a number of steps you must take as a property seller to fulfil your legal obligations and ensure a successful transaction. At CS Legal, we aim to make the experience of selling property as smooth and as stress-free as possible for you.


Listing your property for sale

The first step when selling property is to list your property for sale on the market. Selecting a competent real estate agent can make all the difference to both the process of selling your property and your overall experience.


Making a counter-offer or accepting an offer

Received a fantastic offer? Great!

If you decide to accept the offer then a binding contract is formed, subject to any conditions in the offer. 

However, if you’re hesitant to accept the offer then you may want to consider making a counter-offer to the buyer. A binding contract is only formed once the buyer has accepted your counter-offer. 

If the buyer does not accept your counter-offer, there is no contract.

Property is one of the most valuable assets you will sell and it’s best to get it right. If you have any questions or concerns regarding an offer or counter-offer, CS Legal can help by reviewing the contract before you accept an offer or submit your counter-offer.

When entering into the contract, you will be asked to nominate a conveyancer, lawyer or settlement agent. While you don’t have to nominate a conveyancer at this time, we recommend you do so. 

This will make sure a copy of the contract is provided to your conveyancer who will assist you with keeping track of crucial compliance and payment dates under the contract.

Your conveyancer will notify you once they have received a copy of your contract.


Finance approval and other conditions

The contract may be subject to the buyer obtaining finance approval or other conditions which may cause the contract to be terminated if they cannot be satisfied in accordance with the contract.

Your conveyancer will keep you updated regarding the status of the conditions throughout your settlement and once all the conditions have been satisfied the contract becomes unconditional.



If your contract is not subject to finance or once finance has been approved, the buyer’s conveyancer will submit enquiries to the local shire, Water Corporation, Office of State Revenue and strata company (if required) for information on the rates and service fees payable on the property and the status of any account. 

Your conveyancer will be informed and any adjustments regarding these accounts will be made by your conveyancer at settlement and outlined to you on your settlement statement. They’ll also liaise with any existing mortgagee noted on the property to confirm the arrangement to discharge any mortgages and make sure they are ready to complete the settlement.

It’s best to make note of any other conditions that you need to fulfil on your contract and the date they are required to be satisfied. Your conveyancer will also remind you of due dates to ensure plenty of time for completion.



On the day of settlement, all required documentation, such as the transfer of land document and money will be exchanged. 

If your mortgage is being discharged, the discharging bank will be given the discharge of the mortgage. Your conveyancer will attend settlement on your behalf and will notify you and your real estate agent once settlement has gone through.



The real estate agent will make arrangements with you for the transfer of keys to the property.

Your conveyancer will provide a final statement of account for your records and at this stage we suggest closing any utility accounts, cancelling any insurance policies, and notifying people of your change of address (if required).

Frequently asked questions

How can CS Legal assist me in selling my property?

CS Legal offers comprehensive support in selling your property, including legal advice on contracts, negotiation strategies, compliance with property laws, and ensuring all documentation is accurate and complete for a smooth transaction.

What makes CS Legal different in handling property sales?

Our unique approach combines in-depth legal expertise with a personal touch, ensuring your property sale is not only legally sound but also aligned with your specific goals and needs. We prioritise clear communication and tailored solutions for each client.

How does CS Legal ensure a smooth property sale process?

We meticulously manage every aspect of the sale, from the initial legal assessments and contract preparations to final settlement. Our proactive approach aims to identify and resolve potential issues early, ensuring a seamless and efficient sale process.

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