CS Legal is the first WA firm to complete 500 electronic property settlements

First State Conveyancing and CS Legal have become the first firms to complete 500 digital property transfers.

A significant digital settlement milestone has been achieved, with two firms eclipsing 500 electronic property transfers in quick succession – the first pair to do so using Property Exchange Australia (PEXA)’s online platform.

New South Wales’ First State Conveyancing broke new ground in reaching this landmark, followed swiftly by Western Australian practice CS Legal.

First State Conveyancing’s Business Operations Manager, Belinda Garland, admits she was pleasantly caught off guard upon learning of the record breaking accomplishment.

“Considering we only operate in NSW but had topped the charts for the nation, it was quite a surprise.”

As e-Conveyancing pioneers, Garland believes First State’s proactive approach has enabled them to prosper during this period of digitisation.

“Change in any organisation can be a challenge, and it has helped that our staff are champions of change. Some people however, have an aversion to change, but we’ve just taken it head on.

“We believe the future for e-Conveyancing is very positive which is why we have embraced electronic settlements at First State Conveyancing as the ‘norm’, rather than the exception.”

Managing Director of CS Legal, Richard Wensley, says this recent success is testament to his team’s commitment to growing digitally.

“The more we use the system the better we get at it. I feel we’re about 99% of the way there now.

“It’s what we’ve been trying to achieve all along.”

And as the property landscape continues to evolve in Western Australia, Wensley feels that CS Legal is well prepared, having laid the foundations for efficient digital operation.

“At the moment we’re running dual systems, which isn’t ideal, but we’re slowly getting to a point where a lot more of our deals are in PEXA.

“We expect with the mandating coming in May to fly ahead – fingers crossed we’ll go from strength to strength.”

This article originally appeared on: https://www.pexa.com.au/news/first-firms-reach-500-electronic-property-transfers 

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