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Our proficient attorneys deliver expert, straightforward advice, ensuring the protection of your interests in property leasing agreements. It’s our commitment to precision and excellence in every aspect of the leasing process.

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Our team provides comprehensive support from contract drafting to negotiation, ensuring clarity and precision at every stage. We simplify the complexities of leasing, ensuring you secure the best terms for your needs while safeguarding your interests.

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Why is legal guidance essential for property agreements?

We excel in delivering customised, strategic solutions across a broad spectrum of areas, including property leasing, tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Expert legal guidance
Custom agreements
Contract drafting
Contract review and negotiation
Compliance assurance
Personalised advice
Negotiation support
Rights and regulations

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The CS Legal advantage

At CS Legal, we offer the unique advantage of combining approachable, high-quality legal advice with cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team excels in property settlement and commercial law, ensuring clarity and value in every interaction. With CS Legal, you experience unparalleled expertise and the assurance of fixed fees—that’s the CS Legal advantage.

Exceptional expertise

With over 20 years experience, we are a leading choice for  Property Settlement, Commercial Law, Wills & Probate, and Dispute Resolution

Client centric

We are renowned for practical legal advice, delivered jargon-free and easy-to-understand to best serve your legal needs.

Extensive experience

Over 130,000 clients have trusted CS Legal with their legal matters, underscoring the firm’s successful track record and extensive experience.

Four locations

Efficiently catering to your legal requirements, we proudly operate across four locations: Perth, Joondalup, Bunbury, and Dunsborough.

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Frequently asked questions

What property leasing services does CS Legal offer?

We provide comprehensive property leasing services, including drafting and reviewing lease agreements, negotiating terms, advising on tenant and landlord rights, and handling lease renewals and disputes to ensure your leasing arrangements are secure and beneficial.

How can CS Legal assist in lease negotiations?

We’ll offer you expert negotiation support to ensure your leasing contracts are favourable and protect your interests. Our team can review and suggest amendments to terms, help with understanding complex clauses, and ensure the contract supports your strategic business goals.

How does CS Legal resolve leasing disputes?

We employ a proactive approach to resolving leasing disputes, offering mediation and negotiation services to find amicable solutions. If litigation is necessary, our team is prepared to represent your interests assertively in court.

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