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CS Legal’s skilled lawyers are experienced in handling a wide range of building disputes, providing clear, empathetic guidance to safeguard your interests. We specialise in resolving construction issues, contract disputes, and quality concerns, ensuring your projects are managed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Providing you with expert legal advice

We understand the challenges and stress associated with most building disputes. Our specialists help navigate you through the resolution process, from initial consultation to final settlement. Delivering clear, strategic advice, simplifying intricate legal matters and ensuring your interests are robustly represented and protected at every turn.

The benefits

Why should you employ a lawyer to help you with building disputes?

A lawyer helps navigate you smoothly through the complexities of building dispute resolutions, offering clear, effective strategies specifically designed to address your unique challenges.

Expert legal guidance
Compliance checks
Documentation preparation
Conflict management
Settlement facilitation
Personalised advice
Preventive counselling
Resolution strategies

Why us

The CS Legal advantage

At CS Legal, we offer the unique advantage of combining approachable, high-quality legal advice with cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team excels in property settlement and commercial law, ensuring clarity and value in every interaction. With CS Legal, you experience unparalleled expertise and the assurance of fixed fees – that’s the CS Legal advantage.

Exceptional expertise

With over 20 years experience we are a leading choice for  Property Settlement, Commercial Law, Wills & Probate, and Dispute Resolution

Client centric

We are renowned for practical legal advice, delivered jargon-free and easy-to-understand to best serve your legal needs.

Extensive experience

Over 130,000 clients have trusted CS Legal with their legal matters, underscoring the firm’s successful track record and extensive experience.

Four locations

Efficiently catering to your legal requirements, we proudly operate across four locations: Perth, Joondalup, Bunbury, and Dunsborough.

Building dispute services

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Our process

What is the process for handling a building dispute?

CS Legal stands by your side at every stage, combining legal expertise with a practical approach to safeguard your interests and achieve a fair resolution to your building dispute.


Identifying the dispute

First, we clarify what the dispute involves. Is it a matter of non-compliance, work quality, or something else?


Contractual review

We meticulously examine your contract to understand its terms and identify any potential breaches, ensuring a strong foundation for your case.


Addressing the issue

Before escalating, we attempt to resolve the dispute amicably by communicating your concerns with the builder or homeowner, aiming for a mutually agreeable solution.


Legal consultation

Our legal team provides expert advice on the appropriate legal avenues, including the nuances of jurisdiction. For example, workmanship issues might go to the Building Commission, while contractual matters may have specific channels depending on the contract value.


Preliminary notice

Should formal action be required, we assist in issuing a Preliminary Notice to the other party, outlining your complaints and allowing them an opportunity to rectify the situation.


Formal complaint

If unresolved, we proceed to formally lodge your complaint, compiling a comprehensive dossier of the application and supporting evidence for submission.


Awaiting a response

Upon acceptance of your complaint, the relevant authority, typically the Building Commission, will inspect the works and invite responses from all parties involved, facilitating a dialogue towards resolution.


Final determination

The outcome may vary from direct orders to resolve the dispute, mediation to negotiate a settlement, or for more complex cases, escalation to the State Administrative Tribunal for a final decision.

Frequently asked questions

How does CS Legal approach resolving building disputes?

We adopt a client-centric approach to resolving building disputes, prioritising clear communication and understanding your specific needs. Our team employs strategic negotiation and mediation techniques, aiming for amicable resolutions while prepared to assertively represent your interests if litigation becomes necessary.

What types of building disputes can CS Legal assist with?

We help you with a wide range of building disputes, including contractual issues, defects and workmanship concerns, delays, payment disputes, and compliance matters. Our expertise covers both residential and commercial construction projects.

Can CS Legal help prevent future building disputes?

Yes, CS Legal offers proactive services to help prevent future disputes, including contract review and drafting, risk assessment, and providing guidance on industry best practices. Our aim is to safeguard your projects from potential legal challenges through thorough planning and legal foresight.

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