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Navigate Perth & greater WA’s property market with ease. CS Legal offers expert guidance for your home or investment property purchase – stress-free and efficient.

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With a commitment to clear communication and meticulous attention to detail, our seasoned team navigates complex legalities with ease, ensuring smooth transactions for everyone. We provide peace of mind, making every property journey with us secure, efficient, and client-focused. Trust us for unparalleled guidance in your property endeavours.

The benefits

Benefits of having a lawyer for your property settlement

Our lawyers hold a deep understanding of property law to ensure that every aspect of your settlement is meticulously handled. We excel in translating complex legal processes into clear, actionable steps, minimising stress and maximising efficiency.

Title verification
Transaction management
Property insights
Documentation handling
Ownership transfer
Personalised advice
Investment security
Post-purchase support

Why us

The CS Legal advantage

At CS Legal, we offer the unique advantage of combining approachable, high-quality legal advice with cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team excels in property settlement and commercial law, ensuring clarity and value in every interaction. With CS Legal, you experience unparalleled expertise and the assurance of fixed fees – that’s the CS Legal advantage.

Exceptional expertise

With over 20 years experience we are a leading choice for  Property Settlement, Commercial Law, Wills & Probate, and Dispute Resolution.

Client centric

We are renowned for practical legal advice, delivered jargon-free and easy-to-understand to best serve your legal needs.

Extensive experience

Over 130,000 clients have trusted CS Legal with their legal matters, underscoring the firm’s successful track record and extensive experience.

Four locations

Efficiently catering to your legal requirements, we proudly operate across four locations: Perth, Joondalup, Bunbury, and Dunsborough.

Our process

A guide to buying property in Perth & throughout WA

Buying property in Perth and throughout WA is a detailed process. As a buyer, you must take several steps to fulfil your legal obligations and ensure a successful transaction. At CS Legal, we aim to make the experience of buying property as smooth and as stress-free as possible for you.


Making your offer

Discovered your dream property? Kickstart the process by presenting your offer to the seller or their agent. If accepted, a legally binding agreement emerges, contingent on any stipulated conditions.

If the seller proposes a counter-offer, the contract solidifies only upon your acceptance of this offer. Without your agreement to this counter, no contract exists. 

When making your offer, consider nominating a conveyancer or legal expert. By choosing CS Legal early, you ensure we receive the contract directly, keeping you informed on critical deadlines and ensuring compliance throughout the purchasing process.

Remember, in Western Australia there’s no cooling-off period for real estate purchases, making it crucial to perfect your offer from the outset. For guidance or review of your offer, the CS Legal team is here to assist you, ensuring you’re well-prepared.


Securing finance

When it comes to financing the purchase, you have two paths:

  • Propose a cash offer.
  • Make the purchase subject to you securing finance, specifying the lender, loan amount, and finance approval deadline.

If opting for finance, detail your lender and loan amount clearly in the contract. Acting swiftly to secure finance approval is essential. CS Legal can help you liaise with your lender to ensure a smooth path to settlement.


Preparing for settlement

Following finance approval or for non-finance-dependent contracts, your conveyancer will request necessary information from the local shire, Water Corporation, Office of State Revenue and strata company (if required) for information on the rates and service fees payable on the property and the status of the seller’s account.

  • For cash purchases, you’ll deposit the remaining balance of the purchase price into your conveyancer’s trust account in preparation for settlement.
  • For financed purchases, your conveyancer will ensure your lender’s settlement readiness.

Stay mindful of any additional contract conditions and dates you need to fulfil, such as building inspections, etc. Your conveyancer will remind you of key deadlines, and your real estate agent will arrange a final property inspection.



At settlement, all required legal documentation and funds will be exchanged. 

If the purchase is financed, your bank will lodge the transfer of land and mortgage. If the seller’s mortgage is being discharged, the discharging bank will be given the discharge of the mortgage.

Your conveyancer will attend settlement on your behalf and will notify you and the real estate agent once settlement has gone through.


After settlement

The real estate agent will make arrangements with you for the transfer of keys to the property.

Your conveyancer will provide a final statement of account for your records and you may also want to consider opening any required utility accounts, obtaining insurance and notifying people of your change of address (if required).

Frequently asked questions

What are the steps in the property buying process?

The property buying process in Western Australia typically involves finding a suitable property, making an offer, securing finance, conducting necessary inspections, and completing settlement. CS Legal can guide you through each step, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and your interests are protected throughout the transaction.

Do I need a lawyer for property conveyancing?

While not mandatory, having a lawyer for property conveyancing is highly recommended. A lawyer ensures that all contractual terms are fair, conducts due diligence, handles legal paperwork, and provides professional advice to navigate the complexities of property law. CS Legal offers expert conveyancing services to ensure a smooth property transaction.

How long does the settlement process take for buying property?

The settlement process in Western Australia typically takes between 30 to 90 days from the date the offer is accepted. However, this can vary depending on contractual agreements and any unforeseen complications. CS Legal ensures efficient and timely settlement, keeping you informed at every stage of the process.

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