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With a commitment to clear communication and meticulous attention to detail, our seasoned team navigates complex legalities with ease, ensuring smooth transactions for everyone. We provide peace of mind, making every property journey with us secure, efficient, and client-focused. Trust us for unparalleled guidance in your property endeavours.

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What is the conveyancing process in Perth?

Navigating the conveyancing process in Perth is a meticulous journey. From property searches and due diligence to contract negotiations and settlement, We ensure a seamless transactions for you. Trust our expertise for a smooth, stress-free property transfer in Western Australia’s vibrant capital.


Buying or selling your property

At this stage, your main point of contact is the real estate agent who lists the property, handles offers, and prepares the sale contract, typically using the REIWA standard form. Once the seller accepts an offer, a contract is formed, subject to agreed conditions like finance approval and inspections.


Nominating a conveyancer

When signing the contract of sale, it’s essential for both buyer and seller to nominate a conveyancer, lawyer, or settlement agent. While not mandatory, we strongly advise nominating one to ensure compliance and timely payments.


Conveyancer appointed

After appointing your conveyancer, the real estate agent will send them the contract copies. Your conveyancer will then contact you and provide necessary appointment confirmation documents.


Unconditional contract

Upon satisfaction of all stipulated contract conditions, the contract transitions into an unconditional state, signifying a binding commitment to the agreed terms.


Agency enquiries made

Once the contract is unconditional, the buyer’s conveyancer checks with local authorities, Water Corporation, State Revenue Office, and, if needed, strata bodies to confirm seller’s accounts and gather property details.


Preparation for settlement

Your conveyancer will prepare a settlement statement, adjusting rates and taxes for the buyer and seller based on their ownership period. Before settlement, the buyer conducts a final property inspection, and the conveyancer coordinates documentation with financial institutions.



At settlement, all parties meet to verify documentation and exchange it for payment. In electronic PEXA settlements, there’s no physical meeting; instead, documents are pre-checked, and funds transfer in real-time on the same day.


Post settlement

Once settlement is complete, your conveyancer informs the agent, who arranges key handover to the buyer. You’ll also receive a summary of fees, rates, and taxes paid up to the settlement date.

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