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Our Capabilities

The leasing team at CS Legal will draft commercial retail and non-retail lease agreements including heads of agreement or agreements for lease, assignments, variations, extensions, surrenders and any work related to commercial leasing.

We also represent lessees in lease agreement reviews and negotiations.

The leasing team comprises 2 paralegals and 2 lawyers. Even though our paralegals are more than competent to handle most aspects of the transaction and documentation, the draft leases are checked by our lawyers before being sent to the client or managing agent for approval.

Any disputes requiring notices including default and termination notices or legal proceedings is referred to our legal team.

If you are a managing agent, we will more than happy to work a template for a commercial which will suit your client base. For further information on this please contact Narinder Jessy.

The Service

  • Drafting of commercial retail and non-retail lease agreements
  • Drafting Crown Leases
  • Drafting heads of agreements, agreements to lease and any other preliminary leasing documentation
  • Leases and Licenses of tavern businesses, kiosks, jetties, car parks and any other similar arrangements
  • Drafting renewals and extensions, assignments, variations, surrenders
  • Title searches, inquiries and investigations
  • Legal advice and reviews of leasing documentation
  • Notices including default and termination notices
  • Legal proceedings in any jurisdiction

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