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CS Legal’s leasing team is able to assist prepare and advise on all legal documents (including extensions, variations and assignments) whilst also being able to advise on any issues that may arise and address any breaches.

What is a leasing agreement?

A lease agreement documents the relationship between landlord and tenant (and in some cases, guarantors). It spells out the parties’ rights and obligations throughout the duration of their relationship.

Why do I need a leasing agreement?

To minimise the possibility of future disputes between a landlord and tenant, it is important to ensure all terms and conditions are clearly documented by all parties involved.

A leasing agreement will ensure that the rights and obligations of all parties is clearly outlined so as to ensure clarity and certainty.

What Leasing services do you offer?

Our leasing team offer a range of services including:

  • Drafting of commercial retail and non-retail lease agreements
  • Drafting Crown Leases
  • Drafting heads of agreements, agreements to lease and any other preliminary leasing documentation
  • Leases and Licenses of tavern businesses, kiosks, jetties, car parks and any other similar arrangements
  • Drafting renewals and extensions, assignments, variations, surrenders
  • Title searches, inquiries and investigations
  • Legal advice and reviews of leasing documentation
  • Notices including default and termination notices
  • Legal proceedings in any jurisdiction including all state and federal courts as well as the Small Business Development Corporation and the State Administration Tribunal.

Why choose CS Legal to organise my lease?

This is area of law we excel and take great pride in. We have extensive knowledge of commercial and retail leases and are the go-to for commercial leasing in Western Australia. Working with CS Legal you will be left with no doubt that every possible stone has been turned and every possible issue relating to the premises has been considered. We aim to be thorough and we don’t take short cuts.


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