CPD Courses Available

Property Fraud & the Importance

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

This module looks at real case studies of common scams that real estate agents may face throughout their career. This module focuses on the key indicators, schemes and models in detecting Fraud and the correct avenues to follow if real estate agents suspect a scam.

Annexures, Building Inspections & Building Reports

Duration: 2 - CPD Points: 2

This module is designed to provide agents with a better understanding of building condition requirements and reports. This will enable them to avoid or minimise any risk associated with preparing a contract for the sale and purchase of land and ensuring the conditions are satisfied and increasing client satisfaction. The activity is designed to provide agents with the best practice in relation to preparing contracts in relation to building condition requirements and how these conditions are to be satisfied.

Cyber Security

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

This module is designed to educate Real Estate Agents in relation to cyber security, focussing on what to look out for and how to protect their business and client from cyber security attacks, information and the best methods for protection and prevention.

Introduction to PEXA

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

PEXA is digitally transforming the property exchange experience and this module looks into how PEXA impacts real estate agents, how it works and what it is achieving for the industry.

PEXA Update 2019

Duration: 0.5 - CPD Points: 0.5

This module is available for those that attended the Introduction to PEXA module in 2018. It provides attendees with an update in relation to the developments with PEXA over the past 12 months and how these affect real estate agents and their clients.

Understanding Contracts & Joint Forms

Duration: 2 - CPD Points: 2

Standard form property sale contracts in WA comprise of Contract for Sales of Land/Strata Title by Offer and Acceptance and Joint Form of General Conditions for the Sale of Land. This module gives real estate agents an in-depth look into the material terms of the contracts, definitions, conditions and special conditions.

Understanding Title Insurance

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

This module is designed to educate Real Estate Agents in relation to title insurance, both internally and for their clients. With a better understanding of title insurance, this module is designed to reduce the risk of complaints from buyers and sellers, together with increasing client satisfaction.

Dealing with Divorced or Separated Couples

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

Providing knowledge to real estate agents in identifying clients, their obligations to clients and a look into the different Court Orders that agents may come across when dealing with Divorced and Separated Couples.

This module is ran by looking at two common scenarios regarding separated couples and the best practises to follow.

Deceased Estates and Property

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

This module looks into the real estate agents obligations when the proprietor has died prior to listing the property for sale or if the Buyer/Seller dies during the sale or settlement process. Further, the basics of a Grant of Probate, Letters of administration and Power of Attorney v Enduring Power of Attorney are covered.

Law of Agency – Don’t be a Secret Agent

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

This module covers the question of “What is Agency?” by looking into the fundamental concept of the contractual relationship between Principle and Agent, Principles, Types of Authority and Obligations.

Conveyancing Issues

Duration: 0.5 - CPD Points: 0.5

This module specialised in pin-pointing issues that are seen by real estate agents on a regular basis. These issues include however aren’t limited to incorrect names and title description on Contracts, Mortgagee sales, Lender delays, Final Inspections and our tips and advice on the most effective way to deal with these to improve the conveyancing process as a whole.

Title Encumbrances

Duration: 0.5 - CPD Points: 0.5

This module covers what an encumbrances is on a title and explores Caveats, Easements, Restrictive Covenants, Mortgages, Memorials, Notification and Strata Plans.

Privacy Law

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

This module covers how real estate agents are impacted by Privacy Law by looking into The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), Australian Privacy Principles and Policies, Disclosure, relevance, breaches and penalties.

Disposal of Uncollected Goods

Duration: 1 - CPD Points: 1

Whilst the Joint Forms provides that a Buyer is entitled to vacant possession and the seller is required to remove all vehicles, rubbish chattels, other than the Property Chattels from the property before the buyer takes possession. This clause is not sufficient authorisation for a buyer to dispose of goods and there are different applications depending on whether you are a buyer or a lessor. Those being the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1970 (WA) which is more relevant to sales reps and the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA) more relevant for property managers.  This Module looks into these Acts and how real estate agents can use these acts for the Disposal of Uncollected Goods.


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