Men’s Journey

For many men, finding out their wife or partner wants to separate is a devastating blow and can often come as a shock. In Australia, more divorce applications are made by women than men.

Historically men, particularly fathers, have felt let down by the legal system having been granted very little time to spend with their children after a separation whilst at the same time having to make significant child support contributions. Fortunately Australian law has changed so it does not favour one parent over the other.

However, many men still worry about their future after separation. They generally want to:

  • protect their assets and ensure a fair split;
  • get as much time with their children as possible;
  • ensure any child support payments are manageable; and
  • keep legal costs to a minimum.

Our aim is to help men navigate the legal process with ease and confidence. Every situation is different and we provide practical advice tailored to your personal situation to ensure a positive outcome.


Anthony’s Story

Anthony and his wife have separated and his wife started property settlement negotiations. His wife’s lawyer asked Anthony to provide various documents. Anthony was concerned because some of the documents he did not have, other documents he did not think was relevant and a few of the documents were very personal and business sensitive.

Anthony’s lawyer advised him on his disclosure obligations and at the same time explored his wife’s disclosure obligations. Anthony was happy to learn that some of his documents did not need to be disclosed and found out that his wife had a bank account he was not aware of.

Michael’s Story

Michael separated from his wife and moved out of their home into an apartment. They have a daughter together who lives with her mother. He wants to spend more time with his daughter but her mother doesn’t like his new apartment and won’t allow his daughter to stay overnight.

Michael sought the advice of a lawyer who advised him on parenting orders and the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility the Court must apply when making a parenting order.

If a parenting order provides that a child’s parents are to have equal shared parental responsibility for the child, the Court must consider the child spending either equal time with each of the parents or substantial or significant time with the parents.

Armed with this knowledge of his legal rights, Michael was able to successfully agree to a parenting plan with his wife that allowed him more time with his daughter and avoided a timely and costly Court process.

Sam’s Story

Sam is married to Rachel. Rachel has a child from a previous relationship. The father was not active in the child’s life and Sam has basically raised Rachel’s child. He wants to adopt his step-son, however the father objected.

Sam and Rachel’s lawyers helped them to build a case by collecting years of evidence showing how Sam had been actively involved in his step-son’s life. After showing to the Court that the adoption would be in the child’s long term interests, the Court granted Sam an Adoption Order.

Sam now finally feels part of the family and is proud to attend father-son events.

No matter what your personal situation is, obtaining legal advice from an experienced lawyer and understanding your rights and entitlements is vital.

We know the law and we understand how it can help you protect your assets, secure your future and maintain a relationship with your children.

Our team of knowledgeable family lawyers are extremely capable and will provide you honest, practical legal advice to help you move forward.

Get in touch today and let us help you on your journey.