Litigation Perth

Each court and tribunal in Perth is different with varied processes and requirements. Some we can appear in, others we can’t. Despite that, our litigation lawyers can assist you throughout the process starting with whether to commence proceedings and/or how to defend them.

We can also draft documentation and offer our advice, regardless of whether we can act on your behalf or not. If allowed by the court or tribunal, we can also be your voice, appearing for you at hearings and liaising with the other parties and Courts.

What is CS Legal’s approach to Litigation?

Our lawyers are trained to approach disputes with common sense and straight forward plain speak. Our objective is to understand the problem and ensure that you understand the legal issues, the process and our strategy.

We have good relationships with both senior and junior Counsel at the West Australian Bar.  Where necessary, and with your consent, we can draw on this reservoir of support for both advice and Court representation.

What Litigation services does CS Legal offer?

Initial advice and consultation

We can provide you with a brief rundown of all court/tribunal processes and can give you some advice on the legal issues that are relevant to you before jumping into proceedings.

Click here to book a consultation with a senior lawyer.

Defend Actions

Being served with a claim can be daunting and to make it worse, strict time frames apply. Our lawyers can help you navigate the early processes to ensure you don’t dig a hole that is too deep.

Document Preparation

Lawyers can’t appear in a number of jurisdictions but we can offer advice and help you prepare documents at each stage of an action.


We can appear in all courts and tribunals, both state and federal. Our lawyers can draft your documents and attend all hearings on your behalf.


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