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Settlement of a business is the process of transferring a business from one owner to another, usually between a Seller and a Buyer. There are various tasks that must be completed before legal ownership of the business is transferred.

We have helped many clients in Perth and throughout WA successfully negotiate business sale and purchase transactions. Our lawyers will work closely with you to help you understand the process, your legal obligations and the risks involved.

Do I need a lawyer to settle a business?

You do not need to engage a lawyer to settle a business. However, settling a business can be a complicated and time consuming process. Engaging a lawyer can reduce the risks involved in buying or selling a business.

Whilst some settlement agents can conduct a business settlement, they cannot provide you legal advice. Only lawyers can provide legal advice on your rights and obligations under the contract.

One key aspect of avoiding disputes relating to a business sale is adequately documenting all terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties.

Our lawyers are focussed on ensuring that all factors attributable to the business are considered before drafting a Business Sale Agreement.

We can also review and provide you advice in relation to a draft Business Sale Agreement that has been presented to you.

Why should I settle my business with CS Legal?

Our lawyers have the experience, skills and knowledge to guide you through the settlement process. We will ensure your best interests are protected so you can be confident in your business investment.

We pride ourselves in keeping our clients regularly updated with the progress of settlement and notified of any key dates.

Using CS Legal as your settlement agent means that if an issues does arise with your settlement we can assist you in a timely manner without delay or additional costs associated with transferring your file to law firm.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Preparing an offer and acceptance.
  • Drafting a business sale agreement.
  • Reviewing a business sale agreement prepare by another party.
  • Drafting a vendor finance agreement.
  • Settling the sale or purchase of your business.
  • Advising you on any legal problems that arise during the settlement process.

A guide to buying and selling a business in WA

The process of buying or selling a business in Perth and WA can be time consuming and complicated. It is important to obtain advice from qualified professionals and understand all steps involved.

Our handy guides will help you learn more about buying or selling a business:

Buying a business in Perth Selling a business in Perth


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