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Business law can be complex. Whether you are starting a business or are an established business owner, our team of Perth lawyers can assist with your legal documentation needs. We have expertise in all facets of business and corporate law across many different industries.

We offer easy to understand and actionable legal advice to individuals, small businesses and multinational organisations.


Loan Agreements

Like all agreements between parties, it is important to document the terms and conditions of any loan agreement, including but not limited to repayment arrangements or default procedures.

We have access to a vast library of loan agreement precedents that can be drafted and moulded to best suit your circumstances.

With extensive experience in loan agreements and vendor finance agreements we will ensure that your interest and rights are protected and that all terms of the agreement have been addressed.

Mortgages and Other Security

In addition to evidencing a loan agreement, it is important for lenders to consider what security they are willing to accept to secure the obligations of the borrower and whether that security is sufficient enough.

Equally, borrowers should consider what security they are willing to provide and the effect a default may have on that security.

We can provide you advice in relation to what security is best for you and also arrange for it to be put in place, whether it be by way of mortgage, caveat or registration on the personal property security register.

Guarantee and Indemnity

Another form of protection a lender may wish to consider is a Guarantee and Indemnity where a third party contractually promises to fulfil the obligations of the borrower.

Our team can provide you with advice as to whether this type of security is appropriate for your circumstances. We can also assist you with drafting or reviewing a Guarantee and Indemnity.

Shareholder Agreements

We know that each company is different and as a result, the relationship between its shareholders and directors will also vary.

Our lawyers take the time to understand your company and the requirements needed to draft or review a Shareholder Agreement that will be best suited to govern that relationship.

Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements

Prior to entering into a Joint Venture or Partnership Agreement you need to consider their pros and cons.

We can analyse your circumstances and advise you on which one will best suit you. Once this has been established we can commence drafting or reviewing the necessary agreement.

Sale of Goods and Services

There are so many factors that affect the sale of goods and services that it is important for the parties to formally evidence the terms and conditions that will govern the sale.

Our team can provide you with advice regarding protection of the parties interests and include this when drafting or reviewing an agreement.

Why choose CS Legal to handle my business law agreements?

CS Legal has a proven track record of preparing easy to understand business documentation for all types of transactions without breaking the bank.

Our team of Perth lawyers and paralegals are able to work with you to craft any solution that best fits the needs of your business while adequately capturing the essence of the transaction.


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