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Our Capabilities

Legal proceedings is a measure of last resort but when necessary a litigator has to be passionate, hard working and fearless without the arrogance usually associated with these qualities.

These are the qualities that we encourage and inspire in the litigation team at CS Legal.

The core objective of the litigation team is commercial and cost effective resolutions of disputes as far possible without recourse to legal proceedings.

The team is trained to approach disputes with common sense and straight forward plain speak. Our object is to understand the problem and ensure that you understand the legal issues, our approach and strategy. Convoluted, invented or meaningless arguments, which usually achieve little apart from increasing legal costs and aggravation, are avoided as far as possible.

We have good relationships with both senior and junior Counsel at the West Australian Bar.  Where necessary, and with your consent, we can draw on this reservoir of support for both advice and Court representation.

The team has current litigation in all levels of Court jurisdiction in the Western Australia involving matters relating to debt recovery claims, strata disputes, contractual disputes, property disputes and construction disputes


The Service

  • Representation in all commercial and property claims in the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court and State Administrative Tribunals
  • Representation in some criminal matters
  • Written opinions and advice on existing disputes
  • Dispute resolution
  • Deeds of Settlement and Compromise of legal proceedings or disputes
  • Notice and correspondence on leasing disputes
  • Bankruptcy notices, petitions. Advice and representation

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